A month has gone by

Today I’ve been in the UK for a little more than month. Probably one of the most exciting, terrifying , chaotic, stressful and fantastic months of my life. In just over 30 days I’ve moved to a new country, started university, left my friends and family, found new friends, gotten a new baby brother, lost my keys (twice), found my keys (twice), been on a weekend trip to London, gone to stand up at a comedy club, seen an ABBA tribute band, almost won a pub quiz, had 4 colds, been to IKEA 3 times, been to Starbucks 2 times and bought 1 book. To say the least its been a busy month. I therefore hope you forgive me for writing in my blog 0 times.

I’m going to try and fill you in but as you may figure this may very well take a while.

At the moment I’m in Liverpool. Home to The Beatles, a crap footie team and my dearest friend Jo. More info on friends and such will appear soon in a post of its own but to fill you in Jo is one of my bestest uni friends. She lives in my flat and is studying German and Spanish. The two of us have been sick for ages so on Tuesday we finally went to the doctor who gave us antibiotics for chest infections. So Jo’s mum being both a caring mother and a doctor figured it would be a good idea for the two off us to come home and rest for the weekend. So yesterday after lectures we caught the 17:07 train to Liverpool, where Jo’s mum picked us up and drove us to their house in Bebington. Which is just below Liverpool, on the Wirral.

Jo’s just walked in and pointed out that Liverpool actually has two crappy football teams, well maybe not her exact words.

So at the moment we are checking out my dads blog and I’m showing Jo Stockholm on google earth. Giving her an idea of where I’m from. Also checked out the pear film on my old blog. Jo thought it was fab, so I’ll have to let her meet the pear some time when she comes to Stockholm! In a bit we are going to have a lovely home cooked meal and then play pictionary with her family. It’s really nice being in a family setting, it along with reading dad’s sweet blog posts reminds me of lovely family evenings at home.

On the family note I will be seeing Emma in 11 days! She is coming over for 6 days to visit me and also look at the unis in Manchester. It would be really great if she wanted to come to Manchester. So while she is her I need to show her a good time! She is here for Halloween so we need to make some really good plans. Jo and I are trying to think of good outfits.

But now I better run dinner is soon done (sorry for the unintentional rhyming)

Be back soon in an internet window near you.



Hi welcome to my new blog.

In 11 days I’m moving to Manchester, so at the moment I’m busy packing and trying to meet everyone before I go. Today I saw my friend Theo for coffee at one of my favorite cafés, Mellqvist. It’s a tiny hole in the wall right by St. Eriksplan in Stockholm. Apart from great coffee it also has really nice staff and is a perfect place to just chill and watch people.